Yokayi Footy

Produced by Karla Hart Ent PL, AFL and NITV

Yokayi is victory and a celebration! An AFL Footy show covering everything we love about the game through an entertaining and youthful lens. Hosted by Tony Armstrong, Megan Waters and regular panelists Gilbert McAdam ,Darryl White and Andrew Krakouer.


On NITV, Fox, Kayo and across AFL platforms.

Virtual Whadjuk

Writer/Director – Karla Hart

Virtual Whadjuk uses the latest in virtual reality technology by Oculus to send you back in time and space. Old maps and historical knowledge from local Elders and biologists has informed the accurate creation of the virtual world. Perth city has been superimposed as wireframes onto the ancient landscape to help place the user and to show the immensity of changes that have occurred.

On Country Kitchen

Director: Karla Hart
Writers: Karla Hart, Taryne Laffar
Genre: Food and adventure documentary series

Mark Olive is a Koori man and a high-profile indigenous chef. And he’s no stranger to television either. His infectious personality, cooking skills and unique take on combining native Australian ingredients and herbs with quality produce of all types to make delicious healthy, accessible meals is legendary. And loved. Derek Nannup is a Noongar man, a stand-up comedian, actor, dancer, didge player, clown doctor at the Children’s Hospital plus cultural presenter and workshop facilitator for school kids and tourists. And he can’t cook. Mark and Derek have a deal. If Derek finds it, Mark will cook it. And he’ll teach Derek how to cook along the way. Derek cruises the countryside looking for high quality producers, hunters and collectors. Kangaroo, fish, abalone, gilgie, native spices and native fruits. As well as chicken, eggs (maybe we’ll find out which came first?), beef, lamb, duck, plus any manner of veggies and fruit. He’ll even visit Nannup! Each time Derek enters Mark’s outdoor on country kitchen, Mark will ask, “Well Derek, what have you got for us today”?

Family Rules

Directors: Karla Hart, Claire Leeman

Producer: Metamorflix
Genre: Observation Documentary series

Nine sisters navigate the modern world while trying to stay true to their mother’s values – in their household, family rules!sisters navigate the modern world while trying to stay true to their mother’s values – in their household, family rules! ​


NOTE – the original concept, developed with Metamorflix and Co Executive Produced by Karla Hart.

Series 2 currently in pre production.

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